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24 May 13
Summary of his evidence says he will say Bosnian Serb leader was not "antagonistic" towards Muslims and Croats.
24 May 13
Colonel Mirko Trivic was part of the forces that captured Srebrenica in July 1995.
17 May 13
In appeals hearing, Vlastimir Djordjevic accepts blame, but asks judges not to hold him responsible for all crimes.
17 May 13
Witness describes reassurances from Bosnian Serb commanders.
10 May 13
Bosnian Serb corps commander speaks of “collateral damage” of war.
10 May 13
Convicted of genocide in December, General Zdravko Tolimir declined to appear voluntarily as defence witness for wartime president.
3 May 13
Witness describes how Serb troops took man aside and shot him, and later how his own UN unit handed over its weapons.
26 Apr 13
Yasushi Akashi wrote to Bosnian Serb leader after Bosniaks driven out of Bijeljina.
19 Apr 13
Enough evidence available for tribunal to consider charge of genocide in seven municipalities, they say.
12 Apr 13
Conviction of Johan Tarculovski was the only one arising out of Macedonia’s brief war in 2001.