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12 Jul 13
Charge relates to Bosnian municipalities other than Srebrenica. The genocide charge for the massacre there was never dropped.
5 Jul 13
Defence witness declines to answer why his department did not investigate journalist’s massacre claims.
5 Jul 13
Former Bosnian Serb assembly speaker has spent 13 years in prison.
28 Jun 13
Witness says he was told to find troops to carry out killings, but would not do so.
25 Jun 13
Serge Brammertz still won’t comment on Judge Harhoff letter controversy, but says court decision to acquit Serbian secret service officers was “unjust”.
20 Jun 13
Former Bosnian Serb officer claims he never discussed mass killings with General Mladic.
19 Jun 13
Spokesperson says only that Judge Frederik Harhoff remains on Seselj case and will not comment on leak for the moment.
7 Jun 13
Questioning focuses on what senior police officer saw, knew and did as mass killings began.
31 May 13
Two out of three judges find that defendants did not aid and abet crimes by paramilitaries in Croatian and Bosnian wars.
30 May 13
Crimes were “not random acts of a few unruly soldiers”, but deliberate tactics to carve out Croat statelet from Bosnia, judges say.