Recent Stories

20 Dec 13
Defendant fails to get case thrown out after one of the judges was removed.
19 Dec 13
Rare glimpse of life inside detention centre where defendants are held during trials.
13 Dec 13
Former military chief declined to appear voluntarily in Hague tribunal.
13 Dec 13
Vidoje Blagojevic served lengthy sentence after being convicted for his role in the massacre.
6 Dec 13
Lawyers claim numerous elements of the judgements were flawed.
6 Dec 13
Politicians rush to claim triumph for their own particular group, even though census data on ethnicity hasn’t come out yet.
2 Dec 13
Accused says it is wrong for a new judge to be appointed late in the day.
8 Nov 13
Wartime army intelligence officer says president knew nothing of killings, and he did not see any happening himself.
1 Nov 13
Speakers say resolving fate of the missing is integral to post-conflict justice.
25 Oct 13
Witness was instructed to take notes on what defendant said in courtroom earlier this year.