Recent Stories

17 Apr 14
Lawyers to begin presenting defence case next month.
11 Apr 14
Defence had asked for charges to be dropped under a procedure that is part of tribunal rules.
28 Mar 14
Defendant to summarise his case nearly five years after proceedings began at the Hague tribunal.
21 Mar 14
Defence lawyer asks judges to consider dropping individual charges, rather than only acquitting defendant due to lack of evidence to support entire counts.
21 Mar 14
Filing related to a previously unknown grave site found in Prijedor last year.
21 Mar 14
Prosecution wanted review of decision it said was based on use of “erroneous legal standard”.
14 Mar 14
Defendant had claimed the American embassy monitored confidential calls with lawyer.
7 Mar 14
Newly uncovered burial site said to be “directly relevant” to charges.
28 Feb 14
Although unproven, the agreement may be a mitigating factor if defendant is found guilty.
28 Feb 14
Defence case of former Bosnian Serb army chief is expected to begin in May.