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5 Mar 14
New constellation of opposition leaders hopes to pressure the government, but it is far from certain they will succeed.
24 Jan 14
Election victories in Bishkek and Osh reflect strength of governing group.
13 Dec 13
Melis Myrzakmatov forging new alliance to secure his political future.
12 Sep 13
Leading members Russia and China ultimately have separate interests, especially when it comes to trade and energy deals in Central Asia.
21 Jun 13
Drive to promote Kyrgyz language could leave minorities out in the cold.
3 Jun 13
Russia and three Central Asian states are pledging stronger defence cooperation, but Uzbekistan is having none of it.
26 Apr 13
Membership of former Soviet bloc is as much about political alliances as about economics.
21 Dec 12
System may be changing, slowly, so that policies become more important than politicians.
13 Sep 12
Change of government strengthens position of president and his party by sidelining an up-and-coming politician.
20 Jun 12
Political classes mobilise young people for their own ends.