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13 Feb 13
Public hearings strengthen local judiciary, but some experts say they don’t reflect full range of crimes.
8 Aug 11
Campaigners say court has improved its record on prosecuting gender-based violence but obstacles to justice remain.
27 Jun 11
Law ignored in favour of traditional view that wives have no right to husband’s property.
23 Feb 11
Deployment of newly recruited magistrates snagged, seemingly leaving judiciary in east as flawed as ever.
17 Feb 11
IWPR trainee who reports on ICC-related issues in eastern DRC pays visit to The Hague to witness firsthand the trials she follows back home.
31 Jan 11
Some activists say that the country is still too violent for its abolition.
17 Jan 11
Prosecutors allege Congolese soldiers led by Bemba committed widespread abuses in CAR.
29 Oct 10
Poverty forces thousands of children into taking on exhausting and dangerous work.
13 Oct 10
Suspected criminals killed after locals disillusioned with justice system take law into their own hands.