Recent Stories

20 Nov 12
Civil society leaders believe the state intends to restrict their activities.
19 Oct 12
Officials deny legal action against politician Vartan Oskanian is timed to foil election hopes.
7 Sep 12
Celebrations in Baku and outrage in Yerevan as convicted killer is welcomed back to Azerbaijan.
13 Jun 12
Each side blames the other for spate of cross-border shooting incidents.
11 May 12
Hydrogen-filled balloons injure over 100, raise allegations of negligence.
27 Apr 12
Politicians respond to public concerns about low living standards, but it's unclear whether pledges will be honoured beyond election day.
18 Feb 12
Fears that trouble in Iran would hurt carefully-crafted economic and energy ties.
23 Dec 11
While younger people have little conception of life under communist rule, some Armenians miss the positive things lost after the Soviet collapse.
28 Oct 11
Bound in by difficult neighbours and with monopolies holding down traditional economic sectors, Armenia places hope in new technologies.
14 Oct 11
After calling out supporters to demonstrate and then sending them home, Armenian National Congress has some ground to make up in order to remain serious political force.