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13 Mar 12
The Forgotten Victims hailed as a step forward towards transitional justice in Afghanistan.
7 Mar 12
Restrictive proposals look like attempt to court Taleban.
28 Feb 12
Reporter encounters fear and evasive behaviour while investigating crimes.
23 Feb 12
Despite spreading protests, incident thought unlikely to lead to serious rift between Kabul and Washington.
14 Feb 12
Businessmen suspect they make easy targets for organised criminals linked to government.
19 Jan 12
Fears that decentralisation could produce “balkanised” Afghanistan.
19 Jan 12
Eighth anniversary of bill of rights leaves little cause for rejoicing.
23 Dec 11
News of insurgent “peace talks” office in Qatar sparks fears that Kabul is not in control of negotiations.
13 Dec 11
Laws are in place to protect women from domestic violence, but are rarely used to punish abusive husbands.
9 Dec 11
Deadly attack comes at time of heightened tensions with Islamabad.