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7 Aug 12
Ministers blamed for not doing enough to prevent rockets raining down from neighbouring Pakistan.
24 Jul 12
Locals fight back after losing patience with militants’ hard-line approach.
12 Jul 12
As donors promise 16 billion US dollars, some Afghans say effects of previous aid have been limited.
4 Jul 12
President stages keynote speech ahead of Tokyo donor meeting.
17 Jun 12
Members of parliament face allegations of skipping work and overstepping their powers.
30 May 12
Supporters say pact will promote stability and prevent neighbouring states muscling in.
10 May 12
President says foreign troop withdrawal could make 2014 poll impossible.
25 Apr 12
New arrangement will see controversial swoop operations handed over to national army.
17 Apr 12
Series of coordinated strikes suggests national security forces unable to preempt insurgent attacks
4 Apr 12
Iranian president uses regional summit to demand immediate NATO withdrawal.