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2 May 13
Experts offer sharply opposing views on progress since 2001.
26 Mar 13
Rights activists say children are imprisoned for “moral crimes” while the perpetrators escape prosecution.
23 Jan 13
President Karzai's opponents say he should not allow US forces to stay on, while others see this as essential to Afghanistan’s future.
1 Jan 13
Paris conference latest attempt to talk about talking peace.
29 Nov 12
Murders and assaults targeting women become increasingly brutal, as Institutions wring their hands.
9 Nov 12
More complaints than congratulations from local commentators.
16 Oct 12
Afghans express disgust at shooting of Malala Yousufzai.
14 Sep 12
President’s choice of cabinet members looks tired, and does not suggest a will to deliver on pledge of fresh start.
6 Sep 12
Bronze medallist says authorities need to fund sports properly if they want to send athletes to compete.
9 Aug 12
Officials say they just want to prod media into raising standards, but those in the industry warn of censorship risk.