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1 Nov 13
Experts believe that if Tehran begins building a better relationship with the West, it could ease Afghan-Iranian tensions.
28 Oct 13
More than half of those nominated to run for president are ruled out.
20 Sep 13
Series of abductions and assassinations highlight dangers ahead of 2014 NATO pullout.
9 Aug 13
Girls complain the dark uniforms they have to wear are both stiflingly hot and depressing.
11 Jul 13
Dwindling community struggles to maintain identity.
2 Jul 13
Critics say selection process was less than transparent and some members are too close to the old paramilitary factions.
11 Jun 13
Despite past enmity, invitation suggests Tehran now sees insurgent group as possible partner.
28 May 13
Incoming Pakistani prime minister seen as serial meddler in Afghan affairs, but some hope things will now change.
17 May 13
“The true face of our enemy has now been revealed,” says one commander.
13 May 13
As travellers opt to fly with foreign airlines, domestic companies say they cannot withstand competition from outside.