Recent Stories

10 Apr 14
Pride in army and police boosted by largely peaceful elections.
6 Apr 14
"No one should underestimate the Afghans," says one voter.
24 Mar 14
Traditional musicians say rising security threats are driving them to leave the country or seek safer work.
13 Mar 14
“Since Karzai has done nothing for women, he had nothing to say,” argues one critic.
28 Feb 14
Analysts struggle to explain Gulbuddin Hekmatyar’s apparently contradictory policy of pursuing war plus ballot success.
27 Jan 14
Some of the inmates are there just for fleeing their homes.
16 Jan 14
At 84, daughter of King Amanullah still dedicated to humanitarian projects.
6 Jan 14
Najiba Ayubi wishes there were more female journalists around to report on challenges facing Afghanistan.
10 Dec 13
Experts say an already dire situation could get worse after next year’s pull-out of NATO forces.
18 Nov 13
Delegates from all over the country to discuss outstanding points of difference, including whether American soldiers can be prosecuted.