Recent Stories

23 May 13
After years of drafting text and consulting with officials, women’s group finds that its proposal to protect victims and punish abusers has been abandoned.
26 Nov 12
Specific legislation is nearly ready, but campaign groups say there is no political will to drive it through.
25 Nov 11
Plaintiff unhappy about comments that readers posted on newspaper’s internet site.
31 Oct 11
Five years after their neighbourhood was placed under demolition order, residents see little sign of progress.
21 Oct 11
Unable to move out because their homes are condemned, hundreds of homeowners in capital see no way forward.
22 Apr 11
Journalists say the decriminalisation of defamation has left them facing a flood of actions.
15 Jan 11
Criminals seek ways of avoiding serious charges while continuing to take women abroad for prostitution.
8 Oct 10
Authorities say number of intravenous drug users has doubled in last two years.