Recent Stories

11 Mar 14
Government insists new compulsory contributions will stay in force despite public anger.
10 Jan 14
With their main highway shut because of the risk of gunfire, residents of northeastern district are almost cut off from the outside world.
14 Nov 13
Parliament to hold emergency debate on a law that will require under-40s to pay hefty contributions.
1 Nov 13
Incident part of recurring cycle as civilians try to earn a living close to Azerbaijani and Armenian army lines.
3 Oct 13
Latest incident attributed to lack of emergency channels through which opposing militaries could communicate.
5 Sep 13
Students doubt extra income will improve facilities or teaching.
22 Jul 13
Current levels of provision fail to relieve suffering of thousands of patients.
25 Apr 13
Firing range where two boys stepped on a landmine was used as common grazing by local villagers.
4 Sep 12
As villagers vote with their feet, life becomes increasingly unsustainable for those left behind.