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22 May 12
Media sector sees job losses as donor funding shrinks.
1 May 12
Donors gave more than one million dollars in funding and materials, but paper trail for where this went proves elusive.
26 Apr 12
Salahuddin Rabbani named as High Peace Council chairman, a post his father held when he was murdered last year.
26 Apr 12
Ahead of 2014 foreign troop pullout, asylum claims in Europe up 30 per cent due to civil war fears.
13 Mar 12
No meeting of minds at conference to discuss deaths and injuries caused by NATO and Taleban.
17 Feb 12
Footage of insurgent attacks seen as too much for traumatised population.
26 Jan 12
Pakistani blockade squeezing availability of vehicle fuel.
15 Dec 11
For many, talks did little to drive progress in their country.
11 Dec 11
Despite numerous hurdles, women are picking up increasing numbers of wins in international sporting competitions.