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22 Feb 13
Ilham Aliyev pledges to go after corrupt local government officials, though some see them as just the products of the system he heads.
21 Feb 05
Crack police unit struggles to stop gangsters grabbing children to extort payment from their families.
21 Feb 05
While most Iraqis have heard of the term, few seem to understand its meaning.
21 Feb 05
Iraqis have conflicting opinions over calls for direct popular vote.
21 Feb 05
Celebratory gunfire and conspiracy theories abound in the Iraqi capital after rumours of their ousted president’s capture are confirmed.
30 Jan 03
Eviction of residents of hilltop homes in Baku shows Azerbaijanis still have no secure property rights.
5 Sep 02
Journalists in Azerbaijan see press regulations brought in at the end of August as a new form backdoor censorship.
9 Aug 02
A controversial referendum on changes to Azerbaijan's constitution later this month will strengthen Ilham Aliev's bid to succeed his father as president.
22 Oct 01
Government social security cutbacks will cause impoverished Azeris yet more hardship.
26 May 00
Corrupt officials in Azerbaijan are suspected of lining their pockets with the proceeds of illegal sturgeon fishing.