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4 Feb 14
Experts say international efforts to prosecute crimes at national level have largely failed.
15 Jan 14
Last year’s Nairobi mall attack highlighted weakness of frontier checks.
19 Sep 13
Reporters criticised for posting material reflecting ethnic bias.
19 Jul 13
Security fears mean they do not want to testify in trial at the International Criminal Court.
16 Jul 13
ICC judges rule out holding sections of the proceedings in Kenya or Tanzania.
11 Jul 13
Observers say government body tasked with prosecuting offenders is not doing enough.
4 Jun 13
Trial of deputy president will now begin in September as judges weigh possibility of hearings in Kenya or Tanzania.
3 May 13
Was enough done to counter incitement and intimidation online during recent elections?
30 Apr 13
Kenyan president’s bid to get Hague case thrown out is rejected by judges.
28 Mar 13
While critics say reporting was too soft, many in the industry say discretion reflected a responsible approach.