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14 Apr 14
But defendants’ lawyers challenge accuracy of satellite imaging.
9 Apr 14
Court hears that Kalenjin leaders urged Kikuyus to leave and go back “to their homes”.
1 Apr 14
Judges dismiss defendant’s bid to terminate proceedings, and give the Kenyan government six months to provide key documents.
13 Mar 14
Lawyer for Joshua Arap Sang disputes witness’s account of incitement following 2007 polls.
7 Mar 14
Court hears how opposition leaders addressed crowds ahead of the polls.
27 Feb 14
Witness says William Ruto referred to non-Kalenjin people as “weeds” or “grass” that needed to go.
24 Feb 14
Academic tells judges of growth of armed factions in the run-up to 2007 Kenyan election.
17 Feb 14
Githu Muigai tells court that his government is cooperating fully with legal process.
6 Feb 14
ICC case against Kenyan president on verge of collapse as prosecutors ask judges to force national authorities to hand over evidence.
4 Feb 14
William Ruto implied that people outside his own ethnic group would be forced out.