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4 Nov 13
Minister had to go after diplomatic debacle, but his departure provides a chance to sort out chronic problems in the army.
13 Sep 13
Mutual recriminations as both sides note a rise in cross-border shooting.
14 Dec 12
Gabala facility was key early warning post, but Moscow isn’t prepared to accept massive rent increase just to keep it.
13 Jun 12
Each side blames the other for spate of cross-border shooting incidents.
23 Sep 11
Azerbaijan denies it sent unmanned aircraft, but incident focuses attention on defence buildup in frozen conflict.
12 Nov 10
Growing relationship signals shift from Russian to western arms purchases.
26 Oct 10
While Azerbaijan says it captured a spy who committed suicide, Armenians say he was a shepherd and was deliberately killed.
23 Oct 08
Arrests made after shocking footage of conscripts being beaten.