Recent Stories

28 Aug 13
International court moves to protect some of those who will testify against deputy president.
19 Nov 11
Video: Hardship, but hope too, among Azerbaijanis driven from their homes by 1990s war.
15 Apr 11
Progress has been slow, with the country strill riven by social, economic and security problems.
8 Mar 11
Local forces raised without Kabul’s consent accused of abusing rather than protecting population.
28 Feb 11
Having mastered satellites, Tehran builds towards fully-fledged space programme.
17 Feb 11
Video shows Iranians rallying in support of regime change in Egypt and at home.
17 Dec 10
Christmas decorations enjoyed by more than just the Christian minority.
10 Dec 10
Female athletes shine at Asian games despite ayatollah anger back home.
8 Nov 10
Pomegranates have been central to Iranian life, cuisine and poetry for centuries.
29 Oct 10
From bottles of wine to heroin hauls, the Iranian authorities stage public shows to destroy illegally smuggled goods.