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12 Jul 12
Protest participants “aware, angry and hungry”, but formal attempts at consolidate leadership fail to add momentum.
24 May 12
Leading presidential candidates accused of incitement as government again tries to block international trials.
4 May 12
Officials suspect al-Qaeda-linked militants want to set Sunni and Shia Muslims at loggerheads.
12 Jan 12
Intimidation of investigators as well as witnesses blamed for shortage of evidence in some areas.
23 Dec 11
Eastern region records exponential growth in number of cases.
9 Dec 11
Police insist they will continue looking into alleged abuses despite concerns about lack of capacity and political will.
8 Dec 11
People from the newly-independent state in the south suddenly find themselves foreigners in Sudan.
7 Dec 11
Some believe court must bolster activities on the ground to counter politicisation of cases.
14 Jun 11
Residents of Jisr a-Shughour who escaped to Turkey say civilians are being shot in the town.
25 May 11
Many have been left stranded in the United Kingdom after demonstrating against actions of regime.