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11 Mar 14
While local leaders do not want to go against Moscow, the spectacle of Russian troops entering a former Soviet state is unsettling.
31 Jan 14
Row sheds light on hidden power struggles as presidential election approaches.
30 Nov 13
Shuhrat Ghaniev says EU could be useful “moderator” between authorities and NGOs.
3 Oct 13
He was freed from a police detention centre where staff had claimed they had no record of him.
30 Sep 13
As international rights groups raise the alarm, people in Uzbekistan share their concerns on social networking sites.
27 Sep 13
As uniformed police shrug their shoulders, human rights defender says Sergei Naumov may have been seized by secret service.
25 Sep 13
Official refusal to disclose Sergei Naumov’s location raises fears of ill-treatment.
2 May 13
More than two decades after independence, press freedom remains stifled in Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.
15 Feb 13
Fraught political relationship makes fixing local problems that much more difficult.
18 Jan 13
One of the world’s most repressive states promises all sorts of freedom.