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10 Dec 13
"We have never seen so many political prisoners in an election year" - former presidential candidate.
8 Nov 13
Three separate courts host trials of government opponents.
29 Aug 13
While Baku says army conscript chose to defect, Yerevan says his rights as a captured combatant have been flouted.
5 Apr 13
Authorities’ attempt to portray Islamists as threat could drive them to team up with wider opposition.
25 Jan 13
Riots in small town of Ismayilli after street fight escalates.
18 Jan 13
Government forced to respond to strength of public feeling after young conscript dies.
10 Nov 12
Jailing of journalists and bloggers belies claim of online freedom.
29 Jun 12
Drug charges follow well-worn pattern.
12 Aug 11
Mutallibov allowed back to attend son’s funeral, but president’s unilateral granting of immunity raises eyebrows.
19 May 11
Facebook activist's conviction is latest sign of authorities' fear of Middle East-style protests.