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25 Apr 12
New arrangement will see controversial swoop operations handed over to national army.
20 Apr 12
Nangarhar undergraduates sleep 25 to a four-person room.
5 Apr 12
When women are prosecuted, they are unlikely to tell male lawyers key facts that could count as extenuating circumstances.
25 Jan 12
Once-thriving industry now in poor shape.
5 Jan 12
In Nangarhar, Pakistani rupees rather than afghanis are common currency.
5 Jan 12
Jalalabad turns out movies by the dozen, despite having no cinemas.
12 Dec 11
Much to be done to raise standards, local media-watchers say.
25 Oct 11
Judges impose Sharia penalties after they were quietly introduced into legislation.
10 Oct 11
Access to information deliberately restricted by local government institutions, reporters allege.
31 Aug 11
Beatings and spartan diet form traditional “cure” for people with psychiatric disorders.