Recent Stories

24 Mar 14
Traditional musicians say rising security threats are driving them to leave the country or seek safer work.
3 Dec 13
Business leaders in Nangarhar say production is growing despite insurgent threats.
2 Oct 13
Fearful residents, officials and the Taleban all agree that Nangarhar is under threat.
13 Aug 13
Youth groups in Nangarhar encourage voters to participate in next year’s election.
15 Jul 13
People have to endure punishing summer temperatures or pay high prices for electricity to cool themselves.
15 Apr 13
Factory owners say new industrial parks outside Jalalabad aren’t fit for use.
13 Feb 13
In Nangarhar, some say texts for new school curriculum are too hard, others that they are plain wrong.
4 Dec 12
After the spiritual experience of visiting Mecca, returning pilgrims are expected to host festivities for friends and relatives.
3 Sep 12
Nangarhar doctors overstretched by swelling patient numbers and dearth of equipment.
30 May 12
Nangarhar TV journalist Sanga Jabarkhil describes her battle against prejudice.