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7 Feb 14
Comments from senior figure seen as deliberate ploy to undermine Karzai administration.
26 Nov 13
President refuses to accept decision by a gathering he himself called.
18 Nov 13
Delegates from all over the country to discuss outstanding points of difference, including whether American soldiers can be prosecuted.
1 Nov 13
Experts believe that if Tehran begins building a better relationship with the West, it could ease Afghan-Iranian tensions.
15 Oct 13
Talks falter on central issue of immunity for American troops post-2014.
2 Jul 13
Critics say selection process was less than transparent and some members are too close to the old paramilitary factions.
28 May 13
Incoming Pakistani prime minister seen as serial meddler in Afghan affairs, but some hope things will now change.
2 May 13
Experts offer sharply opposing views on progress since 2001.
22 Mar 13
Afghan leader accuses Americans of colluding with Taleban, then says he was just trying to improve relations with Washington.
7 Feb 13
President wants to recycle voter IDs used in previous, controversial elections.