Recent Stories

15 Apr 14
Renewed campaign on potentially far-reaching legal changes that are now before parliament.
11 Mar 14
While local leaders do not want to go against Moscow, the spectacle of Russian troops entering a former Soviet state is unsettling.
20 Feb 14
Lawmaker says tougher methods needed to deal with “traditional” abductions.
11 Feb 14
Government grants and fast-track citizenship will no longer be offered as standard.
10 Jan 14
Worn down by penalties for minor infringements, the independent press is being quietly stifled.
25 Nov 13
Footage appearing to show Kazaks with hard-line Islamist rebels causes shockwaves back home.
30 Oct 13
New group wants end to “toxic” Baikonur launches, but its agenda may be more political than environmental.
8 Jul 13
Local government heads to be chosen by councils dominated by ruling party.
16 May 13
Economics count for more than rights, and western governments have little leverage anyway.
24 Mar 07
Journalists turn the tables on a minister they say is behind repressive broadcasting and press laws.