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23 May 11
Shia regime was no friend of Sunni extremist chief, and was careful not to make itself target for al-Qaeda attacks.
17 Mar 11
Controversial warship mission along Israeli coast passes off without major incident.
4 Mar 11
Years spent forging relationships come to nothing amid allegations of covert arms supplies to one or more West African states.
21 Jan 11
Uncertainty over whether caretaker foreign minister, a nuclear expert, will continue in post.
17 Dec 10
As former Soviet neighbours carve out oilfields for themselves, Iranian leaders face near-impossible task of finding deal that satisfies both other states and their own people.
19 Nov 10
Resumption in direct flights part of Iranian attempt to re-engage with major Arab state.
1 Oct 10
Tehran felt obliged to end loss-making oil swaps, but decision could further reduce its influence as a Caspian regional player.
6 Aug 10
Wartime assistance that Bosnia received from Tehran counted for nothing when it came to crucial UN vote.
21 Apr 10
Some suspect Afghanistan has cooled to the idea of shared broadcasts with Iran and Tajikistan.
17 Mar 10
Tehran leaders see limited western overtures to Damascus as futile.