Recent Stories

17 Apr 14
Ordinary people say their lives are at risk due to disputes between rival rebel groups.
26 Mar 14
Rebel factions say they support court but want their own men on it.
19 Feb 14
Heavy air raids force thousands to flee city to seek refuge across the border.
19 Feb 14
Eyewitness account of life under constant aerial attack.
4 Feb 14
Many face hostility from locals due to competition over jobs and other resources.
29 Jan 14
NGO workers and journalists describe life while the militant Islamist group was in town.
29 Jan 14
Residents discuss merits of Islamic state versus a secular system for a future Syria.
24 Jan 14
Hard-line group forces women, and men too, to comply with rules of dress and behaviour.
17 Oct 13
While reporting on conflict, activists can also think about future reconciliation and justice.
9 Oct 13
Animated film describes how post-conflict justice could develop in Syria.