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28 Mar 14
Experts highlight security weaknesses that could endanger entire cases.
21 Oct 13
Observers say lessons urgently need to be learnt from prosecution failings.
18 Jun 13
As the court asks for a bigger budget, it will need to consider where cost savings can be made.
11 Apr 13
Whether or not Saif al-Islam goes to the Hague, Libya’s legal system will struggle to deal with the many other cases likely to be brought.
8 Feb 13
As complex conflict runs on, does International Criminal Court have a role to play?
23 Jan 13
US steers clear of joining International Criminal Court, but it is now much more aligned with the court's goals than ever before.
10 Oct 12
ICC supports inclusive approach to reparations, but how wide can its reach be?
6 Aug 12
Observers question international court’s ability to take on fresh cases as funding pressures mount.
10 Jul 12
Landmark ruling by ICC welcomed, but victims' rights groups think it should have gone further.
15 Jun 12
As arrest calls focus on militia leader Bosco Ntaganda, another major rebel commander is receiving far less attention.