Recent Stories

3 Apr 14
Lawyer for former journalist is challenging arrest warrant on several fronts.
8 Mar 14
Observers say that by ignoring court orders, Senate members are undermining the rule of law.
13 Dec 13
Despite Uhuru Kenyatta’s comments, critics say a series of new laws generated by government is designed to curtail freedoms, not increase them.
12 Dec 13
But legal experts are divided on whether judges will apply the new rules, and what the consequences for international justice will be.
17 Oct 13
Analysts doubt request for United Nations Security Council to defer Kenyan trials in The Hague will be successful.
25 Sep 13
Kenyan investigators and international experts sift through evidence left in mall debris.
23 Sep 13
Security forces try to defeat al-Shabab militants as deputy president flies home from The Hague.
21 Sep 13
Testimony revealed in court stirs deep emotions across the country.
16 Aug 13
Truth commission laid out steps for resolving long-term grievances and bringing justice to victims, but nothing has been done to implement them.
7 Jun 13
Development is a further setback to the court’s work in Kenya, but does not halt legal process.