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23 Feb 12
Serious questions raised about security forces’ effectiveness in wake of American troop withdrawal.
15 Apr 11
Iraq’s Sunni politicians and Gulf states express disquiet at the criticism of the Bahrain authorities’ crackdown.
10 Sep 10
Radical cleric’s party says it offers way out of political deadlock.
4 Jun 10
UN report found that 100,000 Iraqis have fled their homes since 2005 due to water shortages.
7 Sep 09
Mood of fear as city asks how deadly attacks could happen.
25 Jun 09
Many praise Tehran protesters but hope Iran keeps out of their country’s domestic affairs.
2 Jun 09
Some suggest Sunni and Shia insurgents and Ba’athists could take advantage of pullout to cause mayhem.
11 May 09
Many see going out as a simple act of defiance against the extremists.
29 Apr 09
Journalists warn proposed media legislation does little to help them hold authorities to account.
18 Mar 09
Most dismiss concerns case would affect press freedom – but are divided over whether jail sentence was fair.