Recent Stories

14 Feb 14
Women’s rights activists note rise in murders and suicides in the home.
17 Jan 14
Yadigar Sadiqov convicted of assault in a case his supporters say was manufactured.
13 Jan 14
Government accused of spending too little oil money to improve their lives.
1 Oct 13
Party activists and their relatives say they face threats and harassment.
2 Jul 13
Allegations against Yadigar Sadiqov fit pattern of smearing government opponents, say his supporters.
20 Jan 12
Parents say they have to pay for costly medicines that should be free.
11 Jun 11
Heroin users need long-term treatment – and that requires funding from a government that seems unaware of scale of addiction.
2 May 11
Broadcast of pornographic images of activists coincides with attempts to stage Arab Spring-style protests against the regime.
17 Dec 10
While some say wearing Islamic headscarf is basic civil right, officials hint at nefarious stirring by Iran to make hijab into major issue.