Recent Stories

31 Mar 14
Critics of an already cautious scheme warn that allowing outsiders to buy homes carries unseen risks.
11 Jun 13
Despite clear benefits, reopening the route would be fraught with problems.
8 Dec 12
Activists date emergence of widespread problems to the conflict of the early 1990s.
24 Nov 12
Traditional expectations create glass ceiling for female leaders.
4 Aug 12
President talks of protecting nature, but road project is all about politics and economics.
30 Mar 12
Most of new crop of legislators don’t come from either opposition or pro-government parties.
2 Mar 12
President Ankvab escaped unscathed from the latest in a series of attempts to kill him.
2 Sep 11
President Alexander Ankvab likely to seek continuity, though some fear more authoritarian style.
3 Jun 11
With no clear front-runner in sight yet, any successor to the late President Bagapsh faces task of promoting Abkhazian interests in close but unequal relationship with Moscow.
18 Mar 11
Four women in parliament “not an achievement, but a disgrace”, says leading member.