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28 Jul 11
Limited media coverage of Goran Hadzic arrest reflected his “small fish” status and public fatigue over tribunal’s pursuit of remaining indictees.
22 Jul 11
They say much more needs to be done before Serbia gets green light for membership.
3 Jun 11
Serbian president promises full disclosure on those who hid fugitive general, but extensive security service complicity could make it too costly to reveal the truth.
27 May 11
Legal formalities completed for sending wanted general to The Hague despite his refusal to be served with war crimes indictment.
17 Dec 10
Group had been charged with helping former Bosnian Serb general evade capture.
6 Nov 10
Latest efforts to detain Hague indictee dismissed as public relations exercise on eve of Brammertz visit.
3 Oct 09
Humanitarian Law Centre says judges failed to establish defendant's guilt beyond reasonable doubt.
25 Apr 09
But acquittal of three other defendants provokes anger reaction from victims’ relatives.
10 Dec 08
But analysts say Belgrade authorities will have a tough job tracking them down.