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10 May 12
In Balkh province, residents say foreign troops are conducting searches just the same as before.
14 Mar 12
For Afghans trading with Central Asian republics, sharing the same ethnicity definitely helps.
8 Nov 11
Tehran accused of derailing screening of films depicting abuse of Afghan refugees.
28 Sep 11
Despite attempts to boost recruitment, female officers say they are barred from advancement.
27 Sep 11
Unfair taxation of exports and imports only one of many obstacles facing traditional handicraft.
5 Jul 11
Electricity shortages as power grid project goes nowhere.
1 Jun 11
Neighbouring states may be unhappy to see Afghans producing and refining their own oil.
30 Mar 11
In northern Afghanistan, many of those claiming rewards for giving up the fight were never insurgents in the first place.
22 Dec 10
Doctors in northern Afghanistan say poverty and ignorance lead people to seek traditional treatments which risk further harming their health.
10 Dec 10
After opium was successfully eradicated, cannabis took its place in Balkh province.