Recent Stories

1 Jul 13
Some commentators say the army needs more than Kalashnikovs to deal with an increasingly confident Taleban.
5 Feb 13
Local experts say unchecked pressure from neighbours could fracture the state.
20 Apr 12
Schools get history books that miss out all the bad bits.
2 Mar 12
Latest versions are so sophisticated and hard to spot that some Afghans suspect a plot to undermine their monetary system.
3 Feb 12
Clandestine meetings and confrontational officials make pinning down details of illicit passport sales a difficult job.
12 Jan 12
Shortage creates new illegal trade in travel documents.
14 Nov 11
Serving legislators get four guns apiece, and some forget to hand them back when they’re voted out of office.
22 Aug 11
Experts warn country is overreliant on foreign aid money and on foreign troops who guarantee a measure of stability.
19 Aug 11
Provision at both state and private hospitals remains inadequate, and those who can afford it go abroad for better treatment.
28 Jul 11
Despite clearance efforts, forgotten landmines cause 50 casualties a month.