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Since the fall of the old regime, IWPR has worked to build skills, enhance institutions and support reliable media production across the country, working with local journalists and media outlets. Our goal is to establish a widespread culture of professionalism, seeking to inculcate an appreciation of international skills and standards – what some Iraqis now refer to as the “IWPR approach” to balanced and responsible reporting. Our work is distinguished by a hands-on, practical approach to training and production. Workshop-based formal instruction is supported by extensive follow-on mentoring in producing quality reporting. Expert support, guidance and feedback over the entire course of the journalistic process layer in experience-based learning for the long-term, while resulting in an increase of factual, reliable and high quality reporting.

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Shrouds from the holy city of Karbala are prized by Shia Muslims. (Photo: Metrography)
26 Aug 2010
ئه‌و كفنانه‌ی له‌ڕێی ستێنسڵه‌وه‌ ئایه‌تی قورئانیان له‌سه‌ر نووسراوه‌ جێگا به‌و كفنانه‌ له‌ق ده‌كه‌ن كه‌ به‌ده‌ست ئایه‌تی قورئانیان له‌سه‌ر نووسراوه‌.
23 Aug 2010
چاپخانه‌ نهێنییه‌كانی پارێزگای ئه‌نبار به‌ بڵاوكردنه‌وه‌ی پڕوپاگه‌نده‌ی یاخیبووان تۆمه‌تبار ده‌كرێن.
22 Aug 2010
دوای بڵاوبوونه‌وه‌ی چه‌ند راپۆرتێكی په‌یمانگای رۆژنامه‌وانی جه‌نگ و ئاشتی له‌سه‌ر مه‌ینه‌تیی ژنه‌ بێ نه‌واكانی‌ پارێزگای ئه‌نباڕ، به‌رپرسانی ناوچه‌كه‌ به‌ڵێن ده‌ده‌ن كاری زیاتریان بۆ بكه‌ن و له‌ نه‌هامه‌تییه‌كانیان كه‌م بكه‌نه‌وه‌.
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