Identify Issues

To maximise its impact, IWPR connects local media with civil society — such as community groups, local and international NGOs, the UN, and government officials — to identify the issues adversely affecting a population. The issues are specific to a region and to the challenges it currently faces. One size doesn’t fit all. Never easy, the issues span a wide spectrum. Some of the issues we’ve tackled in recent years include human rights abuses, child soldiers, conflict resolution, women's rights and elections in emerging democracies.

Our Local Partners:

Wherever we work, IWPR partners with a wide range of local organisations and institutions, from independent print, radio, and TV media, to human rights and women’s groups, to schools, universities, and educational/research institutions. Where appropriate, IWPR works in communication and dialogue with – but NEVER for – local authorities and governments.

Our International Partners:

IWPR cooperates with many international partners to inform and enrich our work, increase our effectiveness and efficiency, and extend our outreach and impact. Partners include major broadcasters and publications, leading international human rights groups, media support and training institutes, universities and research groups/think tanks.

Our Supporters:

IWPR maintains a diverse international base of private foundations, individual, and government agencies. This broad support enables us to maintain intensive programmes while avoiding overdependence on any single source. We are especially grateful to those donors who support us through multi-year assistance to strengthen existing activities and those who provide precious institutional assistance.

Editorial Comment

One of the world’s most repressive states promises all sorts of freedom.

IWPR Insight

Maksym Savanevsky

Maksym Savanevsky is founder of Watcher, which reports on internet business and social media marketing in Ukraine. He spoke to IWPR editor Daniella Peled about the critical role that social media are currently playing.