Bosnia and Herzegovina: Ordinary People


Ordinary People is a series of short TV documentaries about strong individuals from Bosnia who managed to overcome the trauma of the 1990s war and put the past behind them. They are contributing to the process of reconciliation in this ethnically divided country through art, sports, business ventures and other economic activities, working with members of other ethnic groups.

The films were produced under the Ordinary Heroes project, funded by the Norwegian Embassy in Sarajevo. This project is being carried out by IWPR and its partner in Sarajevo, the Post-Conflict Research Centre. 

Films and Related Stories

24 May 13
Rebuilding agriculture in one corner of Bosnia.

17 Sep 13
Serbs and Bosniaks play together on Srebrenica’s football team.
13 Aug 13
How a cross-community project created a successful economic model for Bosnia’s farming sector.
25 Jul 13
Former combatant swaps rifle for camera to track down birds, not men.
2 Jul 13
How a Dutch therapist ended up helping Bosniak and Serb communities overcome traumas of war.
28 Jun 13
Soldiers from opposing sides left disabled by Bosnian conflict reconnect through sport.