Bosnia and Herzegovina: 20 Years Later


A series of short TV documentaries about life in Bosnia and Hercegovina 20 years after the start of the 1992-95 war which tore the country apart.

The films, produced by IWPR and Mebius Film, feature people whose lives were changed by the war, but who managed to overcome ethnic and political divisions at the worst of times. They are stories of humanity and moral courage, of people coping with the consequences of war as best they can, and hoping for a better future.

The films were produced under IWPR's Programme for the Western Balkans and the ICTY, funded by the Norwegian government.

Films and Related Stories

4 Jul 12
Former inmates describe brutal and humiliating experiences.

29 Aug 12
Recalling encounter with Bosnian president.
16 Aug 12
Staff and students describe life at ethnically segregated Bosnian school.
31 Jul 12
Moments of shame and pride during Bosnian war.
26 Jul 12
Bosnian Serb hit by shrapnel recalls his Bosniak friend coming to the rescue.
School pupils discussing IWPR films on the Bosnian conflict, Mostar, June 2012. (Photo: Leslie Woodward)
23 Jul 12
Documentaries shown in once-divided city 20 years after start of Bosnian war.